Incentivize & Retain Key People

Connect business priorities with key employee incentives and rewards.

Streamline Operational Systems

Adopt technology and systems that scale with your business.

Prepare for Inevitable Changes

Build strength through succession and transfer planning.


Problem solving is our superpower.

If the path to business success was easy, everyone would be on it. Entrepreneurs need a unique blend of technical expertise and creative thinking. Closely-held and family-owned businesses look for partners who can help them clear obstacles and move toward their targets in ways that are unique and smart. We are one of those partners. 

At entreVector, we help entrepreneurs move more quickly toward their goals in the mission-critical areas of operational efficiency, key employee incentives and retention, and succession and ownership transfer planning.  We combine our technical expertise and creativity with those of our clients by helping them develop and implement custom solutions that move them more quickly toward their goals. 


Consistent Process, With Unique Outcomes

Start with Goals

We begin with where you are today, and where you want to be.

Develop Solutions

There may be several ways to get there. We help you find your best route.

Take Action & Assess

We’re not done until your plans are in motion and generating positive results for you.



We’re Learning, Thinking & Sharing

The Power of Purpose…on Purpose 

We’re doing some research on why and how businesses choose to turn their internal company values into external positive impact. We noticed that successful impact initiatives are really good about setting clear goals. When a company has a specific vision of what they want to achieve – whether it’s reducing waste or fostering diversity –… Continue reading The Power of Purpose…on Purpose 

Observations on “Impact Initiatives” 

Our team is evaluating how we can best “do good” for our local or global community. We feel better about our work when our positive impact extends beyond our little business.  We’ve noticed a growing interest in impact initiatives lately. It seems like more and more companies are jumping on the bandwagon, whether it’s embracing… Continue reading Observations on “Impact Initiatives” 

Taking a Moment

Small moments of happiness go a long way. Is there a sight, sound, or smell that gives you an instant (even if brief) moment of happiness? We’re taking a moment to stop and appreciate anything that reminds us of the pure joy we found in simple pleasures when we were children. We’re taking advantage of… Continue reading Taking a Moment


How can we help you move more quickly
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