Observations on “Impact Initiatives” 

tall trees on a blue sky background
Look up! Get a new perspective.

Our team is evaluating how we can best “do good” for our local or global community. We feel better about our work when our positive impact extends beyond our little business. 

We’ve noticed a growing interest in impact initiatives lately. It seems like more and more companies are jumping on the bandwagon, whether it’s embracing sustainability or supporting local community efforts. But here’s the thing – while the intentions are good, there’s often a lack of structure and discipline behind these efforts. We’re seeing a lot of inefficiency and waste – which is the opposite of impact. Without clear goals and accountability, impact initiatives can feel more like token gestures than meaningful change. It’s something worth paying attention to as we navigate the evolving landscape of corporate responsibility. 

What will we do to make a positive impact and do it in a way that is smart? Stay tuned to find out!